Saturday, April 15, 2017

Islam, the New Black

Islam, the New Black


I am confused. Any religion that abides by wonton rape and riot is no ‘religion of peace,’ one of the most incredible, ignorant statements ever made. Rape of infidel women and eradication of homosexuality are codified in the Qur’an. You can look it up.

Holocaust and the Jews? How about Holocaust for the Yazidis or any enclave of Christians in the Middle East?

For a political movement that thinks political discourse is a contact sport and the vagina is the seat of all power and reason, the Left shows rigid, almost visceral intolerance for any opinion but its own.

Which makes their tacit acceptance of Muslim women in subservient roles, child abuse manifested as teenage marriage, lopping heads off as a new outdoor sport and pitching homosexuals off rooftops so mystifying; especially so in the recent era of mandated equality for each small group of aggrieved citizens, real or imagined.  How can they be true to their faith, Progressivism, and abide by these dictates of religion?  Any religion. Failure to protest is implicit approval. Their silence speaks volumes about who they really are. Democrats, I mean

Were Episcopalians to suddenly and inexplicably embrace female circumcision as a tenant of their religion, the outcry would be deafening. Yet the Left steadfastly embraces abortion as if it is one of the Commandments. Is there a contradiction I am not getting?

My explanation is guilt. The Left is driven by an unassuaged guilt. Huey Long guilt. George Wallace guilt. KKK and lynching guilt. Rosa Parks to the back of the bus guilt. For Democrats, it is the byproduct of civil rights self-awareness and the post-Lyndon Johnson America which rendered millions of people subordinate. Today their guilt is a scream only they can hear. Still, with all the sordid history of Democrats and race, such hypocritical acceptance should not be surprising. So, I believe their behavior is either explained by a crushing subliminal guilt or a bizarre mutation in their collective DNA