Friday, February 17, 2017

Define Trump

I've heard it recently stated that President Trump is a nationalist. Some, in contrast, say he is a patriot. They say nationalist like it's a dirty word. Nationalist-Socialist. Does it ring a bell? But are they mutually exclusive? Or in subtle ways, do they go hand in hand? Is this some sort of name-calling?
After years of being old America is the prime-mover for what is wrong with the world,  many citizens find this new attitude refreshing. Trump's critics have had a withering assault on the man since before he took office. It is hard to imagine what might have happened if Obama had gotten the same treatment in his first month is office.
Just sayin'

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The NFL's Deflated Balls

Today is the Super Bowl. Ho hum. Does anybody outside of New England and Georgia really care? Do we really think Lady Gaga will pass up the opportunity to make a political statement on the nation's biggest stage? I now where my money is. Viewership is down and if you look at the stands there seem to be a lot of empty seats. So why the decline? Politics. The NFL has lost control of their game and may never get it back. Why? No balls.
Colin Kaepernick decides he is going to take a knee during the anthem. Soon dozens of others are following suit. Instead of saying 'show respect during the anthem or you are benched,' They turn a blind eye and end up giving it tacit approval. Five Dallas police officers are gunned down and the Cowboys were forbidden to honor these fallen men by putting their names on the backs of their helmets by the NFL. Every October teams wear pink for breast cancer. Laudable, I guess but how about purple for pancreatic cancer or brown for colon cancer?  Their audience is simply tired of it.
I wonder if football's best days are behind them. This season I watched nary a game start to finish.
Don't get me started on concussion protocols or ignoring decades of fan loyalty by moving teams to bigger markets that can afford newer stadiums or all the damned commercials. Even the Romans eventually grew bored of the gladiators. Nice run, NFL. If you had any balls you'd fix this.
Pitchers and catchers report any day now. Go Cubs.